You want to protect your offspring effectively from verbal attacks, but as a mom you just lack the knowledge to do so?

Then join the mini-workshop and learn how to become a strong self-love mom with three simple tips to effectively protect your offspring from verbal attacks!


Learn in the mom workshop...

  • why active self-love is the best shield for your offspring against verbal attacks

  • how to get back in touch with you and your body to feel your own needs clearly

  • get to know the deep relaxing effect of Reiki and how you can solve disturbing ways of thinking in the easiest way

  • how to stay positive in the chaotic mom’s everyday life and also train your child in solution-oriented thinking

Afterwards, you will know how to become a strongself-love mom with three simple tips and how to strengthen your child in the long term!

Our workshop takes place online via Zoom on March 19th at 10 a.m. (EST) and lasts about

60 - 90 minutes. Your investment in yourself: 65€ gross.

"In just 90 minutes you lay the foundation to become a strong example of self-love for your child!”

A 60 day return-policy applies from the date of purchase

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"Yes, I want to become a strong self-love mom!"

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"Hello, I’m Julia! As a teacher & spiritual coach, I will show you how you as a mom teach your child to successfully ward off verbal attacks. I also love to open up the space for completely new perspectives and possibilities – and to use energy work to restore the flow of deadlocked family structures.

My motto: everything is possible!”:-)