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How Reiki helps to transform quarrels and anger into love

One of the most intense experiences I have had with Reiki in my life? Clearly the peaceful effect of a big fight with my last boss!

Because I will never forget how mutual anger and hurtness with the help of Reiki have miraculously transformed into love and understanding togetherness...:-)

What exactly did I experience?

On a short, spontaneous business trip for my school I got a paint scraper in my private leased car – but unfortunately the school insurance rejected the costs for it. Price? 500€. Phew! :-(

The situation was quite tense, because I was confident in the first argument to my point of view and did not want to be left alone on the 500€...

Then what did I do?

First, I took a very close look at myself and analyzed what old patterns and feelings the situation reflects and worked intensively on me for 3 days with energy work. As a result, I was able to dissolve a large part of my own injury and anger – and go into the upcoming conversation with an open mind!

In addition, I asked a friend to send "Distancereiki" for me as well into the upcoming conversation: Because my boss had quite choleric traits in him I was feeling afraid and the second conversation could have really started in “all directions”...

The “Magic” then started half an hour before the date:

“I suddenly felt like I was on a very relaxed and confident cloud and was able to enter into a conversation out of love and with an open heart!”

My friend then additionally “logged in” from a distance into the conversation and actively sent "Distancereiki" to us in the situation.

The first 10min my boss sat in front of me with a noticeably closed heart. But as if by a miracle (!) he gradually thawed noticeably, was accessible and we were able to find a common solution peacefully and in mutual understanding!

“It’s really a miracle when I think back to it today!”

And I am absolutely sure today: Without Reiki, the conversation and the whole situation would have gone into a completely different direction!

Because without the 3-day preparatory energywork on myself and without my already open heart, we would certainly not have had a respectful cooperation or found a peaceful solution in the conversation.

Sometimes I wonder if my boss has been quietly amazed at this extraordinarily peaceful conversation after all...:-)

Anyway, we were “best friends” until I left and I had his full support in getting my independence – and I am very grateful to the universe for this scratch in retrospect! :-)))

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Because I love SO much to transmit the wonderful energies directly to you

and to restore the flow of deadlocked situations or relationship structures.

Like the angels always say: everything is possible! ;-)

Love and light,

- Julia💞

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