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Self-Love: 3 simple tips that improve your mom everyday-life

Self-love is still a foreign word for you and in the chaotic everyday life of mom you don’ t have time for it? But deep down, you do know that it is hightime to love yourself more, to be stable and safe for your offspring?

Then I have the solution for you! :-)

Because what if you could become a strongself-love-mom despite the lack of time and with very simple tips?

Even for me, self-love was still a foreign word until a few years ago. But then, fortunately, the angels flew into my life in 2016 and showed me that self-love is really easy – and even fun! :-)

Because self-love is not at all about daily XXL-actions, which we have to implement in a time-consuming manner.

“Rather, it’s about the sum of many small gestures spread over the day that you can use to show yourself that you’re your number one...”

And after more than 5 intensive years, in which I have almost completed an “angel self-love training camp”, I would like to present you now three of my favorite self-love tips in this blog article:

1) Learning to love yourself: Give yourself a gift!

When was the last time you did by yourself a gift? Just because you exist and you’re doing the greatest thing in the world – being a mom? :-)

Simply put a bouquet of flowers at the checkout for yourself, a new nail polish, a massage, new earrings – or whatever your heart desires?

The angels always say:

“Every day on earth is like a birthday! So give yourself regular gifts and show yourself that you are YOUR No.1 in your everyday life!”:-)

The good thing about it: The gifts of your partner or your friends are now simply beautiful “add-ons” that underline your self-love. But first and foremost, you’re showing yourself how much you love yourself...

2) Learning to love yourself: A candle light dinner just for you!

When was the last time you cooked lovingly for yourself in the same way as for your partner or family? We always expect others to do it for us, but this way we are dependent on the attention of others.

Remember: Our environment can only ever give us the love that we give ourselves...

So how about, for example, giving yourself a candle light dinner on a free evening? Or go out to dinner just by yourself? You’ll see, after a few times alone at the Italian around the corner you don’t want to miss the self-love date with you anymore!

And most importantly: Prosecco, with which you celebrate you being a mom, must of course not be missing...:-)

3) Learning to love yourself: Too late?! Stay calm...

No doubt, mom’s everyday life is turbulent: filled with a hundred appointments, it can happen quickly that you (or your offspring) are late...

Probably you’ll hurry to get to work or your appointment on time. But... how many minutes did you really save with the hustle and bustle? And then at what stress level did you show up at the appointment?

“How about you get ready instead in your usual pace and go to work or the appointment much more relaxed?”:-)

Because as the angels have explained to me: “Yeah, YOU may be too late – and it really doesn’t matter now for a few minutes more!” Rather, it’s the subconscious stress patterns that make us believe that we always have to function and comply...

But your body will thank you if you try to do all things as well as you can – at your own pace – while remaining in your self-love!

And I promise you: just if you integrate these 3 tips into your mom’s everyday life from now on, you’ll notice that your relationship with yourself is starting to change:

You will enjoy giving yourself gifts and taking care of yourself more and more. And to show yourself that you are perfect and right as a mom, just as you ARE right now!

And that’s what’s so important for your child to get experienced by you!

And if you want to get started with the topic of self-love or to explore your mama-heart more deeply, then I cordially invite you to my mama-self-love-workshop:

Here you will learn in just 90 minutes how to become a strong example of self-love for your offspring and how to protect them from verbal attacks in the long term.

You’ll learn in the mama workshop...

1)...why active self-love is the best protection for your offspring from verbal attacks

2) you stay positively aligned in the chaotic mom everyday life and train your offspring in solution-oriented thinking

3) you get back in touch with your body to feel you and your needs clearly again

4)...know the deep relaxing effect of Reiki and how you can dissolve disturbing ways of thinking in the easiest way

With this workshop you will lay the foundation to strengthen your child in the long term and protect him from attacks as a strong example of self-love!

Sounds good? :-)

Then click here to join the Mama-Workshop

I’m really looking forward to being together!

Love and light,

- Julia💞

Ps.: Would you rather explore your mom’s heart directly in the big self-love online course? Then click here for more info!

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