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Experience report Reiki – How Andrea found back into clarity & joy of life

Would you like to know what a Reiki session is like and what participating in my monthly energy-circle can actually do in your life? Maybe you have only a vague idea of Reiki and just don’t trust these invisible energies yet? :-D

Then read on: because after some Reiki sessions my dear client Andrea took the time to write down her experiences to give you as a BLOG reader a completely different perspective on Reiki... enjoy it!

“Hello folks, I would like to share with you my Reiki experiences with Julia: When I wasn’t feeling so well lately and my thoughts were constantly circling and I couldn’t sleep at night I discovered Julia on the Internet.

I then spontaneously booked a first individual Reiki session and was very excited and also a bit nervous, since I had no experience with Reiki yet. The nervousness then fell directly from me when Julia opened her door and greeted me with her radiant smile and her warmth of heart.

We sat down first and she asked me why I am there and if I still have questions about Reiki or what I desire. I immediately felt understood and cared for by her – and couldn’t wait for the Reiki treatment to finally start...

Then I was allowed to make myself comfortable on the couch and Julia started the Reiki treatment: She gently touched my body with her hands and I immediately felt an energy running through my body in the form of warmth and a tingling sensation and a feeling of cold in between.

I asked Julia what the cold was, and she told me that this way blockages would break. Interestingly, I felt the cold most right where I had big back problems a few years ago.

“During the session I felt like on cloud seven, I became calmer and was able to relax really deeply and let go of everyday life!”

After the session I didn’t even want to get up and go home...:-) That evening I felt as comfortable as I hadn’t been for a long time and could sleep so well.

The next morning I was cheerful and had the feeling that nothing could knock me down. Even when I encountered strange things or people I noticed a greater serenity and did not fall back into my old thoughts. And that actually lasted for a few days!

And since this one session had brought me so much, I decided to join Julia’s monthly energy circle, so a whole week long-distance reiki in the group.

For this I then went to bed at home in the evening and I was honestly a bit skeptical, whether Reiki really arrives at me or whether it works. But then the long-distance reiki started to run and I was honestly amazed that it was not much different from the one-on-site session in practice!

The next evening, however, I noticed less physically and contacted Julia the next morning, whereupon she explained to me that Reiki does not always feel the same. So I was calm and could enjoy the next sessions in my own bed in the evening, where I felt more directly again.

All in all, so much has happened to me during this one week:

A lot of old stuff came up – but then it dissolved bit by bit and a whole ton of weight fell from my shoulders.

And now I can say that I am actually much better:

“I have a lot more energy and above all more clarity in the morning to better structure and organize my day and have really made a big step forward with my personal topics!”

My conclusion: I will definitely continue with Reiki and can really recommend it to book Reiki with Julia – and at this point a thank you from the bottom of my heart to you dear Julia:-)

See you soon, Andrea.”

I would like to thank Andrea for this beautifully written Reiki experience report and hope that it gives you as a reader a real insight into how you can dive into deep relaxation with Reiki and solve disturbing ways of thinking and issues in a very simple way!

And if you do feel the desire to try out the deeply relaxing reiki-energies or want a real change in your life, then click now here for your personal Reiki-session with me!

As I am so happy to pass on the wonderful energies to YOU and look forward to accompanying you a few steps on your way back to yourself.

Like the angels always say: everything is possible! :-)

Love and light,

- Julia 💞

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