Do you want to strengthen your child holistically so that he can finally cope with his school life more balanced and with much more energy?

Then join the mini-workshop and learn which 5 major areas affect your cells and wellbeing 24/7 – and how you can effectively protect yourself and your offspring from it.

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Learn in the mom workshop...

  • how belief patterns & stress are inherited across generations and how you can still easily dissolve these age-old patterns

  • how epigenetics turns your old school knowledge upside down and how you take back power over your genes

  • which 5 external influences affect your cells 24/7 and how you effectively protect yourself and your child from them

  • how your child finally goes back to school relaxed and happy with this new knowledge

Afterwards, you will know how to strengthen your child holistically and how you as a family reach a new level of love & harmony.

Our workshop takes place  online via Zoom on April 2nd at 10 a.m. (EST) and lasts about

60 - 90min. Your investment in yourself: 65€ gross.

"With this workshop you lay the foundation to strengthen your child holistically in the future!"

A 60-day return policy applies from the date of purchase.

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"Yes, I want to learn how to reach a new level of peace & harmony

for myself and my family!”

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"Hello, I’m Julia! As a teacher & spiritual coach, I will show you how you as a mom teach your child to successfully ward off verbal attacks. I also love to open up the space for completely new perspectives and possibilities – and to use energy work to restore the flow of deadlocked family structures.

My motto: everything is possible!”:-)